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  • Essential Home Bogarde Armchair

    An amazing armchair that is as versatile as it is stylish, perfect for any living room, home office, or even hotel. It is finished in leather, a very popular fabric in the ’60s, and the swivel polished brass base conveys an idea of style and playfulness. Despite having all the mid-century elements, this is a modern armchair that it’s easily customizable to fit exactly what you need.


    Length: 75 cm | 29,53 in
    Width: 79 cm | 31,1 in
    Height: 73 cm | 24,74 in

    Standard Finishes

    Feet: Polished Brass and Glossy Black
    Cover: Essential Home textile

    How We Give Back

    We believe in giving back; We are proud to give 1% of all orders directly to environmental not for profit groups whose focus is the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means every time you purchase from us, 1% goes directly to an environmental cause.