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  • Brabbu Wari | Rug

    The Wari were a civilization that flourished in the south-central Andes and coastal area of modern-day Peru. Known for their architectural works and innovations in road networks and terrace fields, which inspired the Inca Empire structures, they are also the inspiration for WARI Rectangular Botanical Silk Rug. Intended to honour the innovative spirit of these people, WARI is a living room rug that easily adapts to every home decor.


    Width 200 cm | 78,7"
    Height 300 cm | 118,1"


    Fabric botanical silk overtufting.

    How We Give Back

    We believe in giving back; We are proud to give 1% of all orders directly to environmental not for profit groups whose focus is the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means every time you purchase from us, 1% goes directly to an environmental cause.