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  • Koket Sevilliana Bed

    Inspired by wild, passionate nights of the Spanish dance, the Sevilliana bed design embodies the graceful curves and attire of Sevillana dancing girls. Become entranced in the movement of modern lines drawing your eye down to the flirtatious fringe that skirts the base.

    As Shown

    Headboard: Venice Velvet | 01 from the KOKET Textiles collection.
    Base: Venice Velvet | 01 from the KOKET Textiles collection.
    Base Details: Bullion Tassel Sevilliana.


    Queen Size Headboard

    W. 234cm/D. 35cm/H. 160cm

    Weight: --

    Complete Queen Size Headboard

    W. 234cm/D. 225cm/H. 160cm

    Weight: 132kg

    King Size Headboard

    W. 254cm/D. 35cm/H. 160cm

    Weight: --

    Complete King Size Headboard

    W. 254cm/D. 225cm/H. 160cm

    Weight: 139kg


    Queen COM - 19 meters fabric width 1,4 meters or 26,6 sq meters;
    Queen COM - 19 meters fabric W x 1,4 meters L or 26,6 sq meters

    Optional finishes may be subject to upcharge; available upon request.

    Products are one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces. Each item has its own unique attributes which are impossible to replicate identically from piece to piece due to human craftsmanship. It is natural for slight variations in color or shape to occur, however, such variations are hardly visible to the eye. Product images may also differ slightly from the actual piece due to variations caused by media screens.

    Clean And Care

    Care for textiles by vacuuming or lightly brushing. Maintain textiles by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Rotate and flip cushions when vacuuming for even wear. The nap of high pile textiles such as velvets may become crushed or lose their original pile height. We recommend light steaming to lift the pile to its original height. The textile should also be brushed with an ade-linting brush to maintain its pile. Water-based or solvent cleaners may cause discoloration or staining. We recommend that stained or soiled textiles be professionally cleaned.