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  • Maison Valentina Erosion Stool

    Erosion is a small stool with a large presence and a fantastic new addition to your bathroom. This sculptural piece is handcrafted with resin and fibers with a high gloss lacquer finish that will award your bathroom design a unique look. This amazing item is highly customizable, allowing one to change its colors to better match one's luxurious bathroom.

    Product Features

    W:35 cm | 13.8'' Diam:35 cm | 14" H:45 cm | 17,7"


    Estimated Production Time: 6-8 weeks

    Worldwide Shipping


    Clean and Care

    Wood and varnished lacquers bring depth and beauty to the products. Although they are protected with varnishes and other finishes, they are still susceptible to wear. To clean these products, use only a wet cloth. Additionally, it's important to keep the wood and lacquers away from heaters or air-conditioners to avoid over-drying or exposure to excessive humidity. Fluctuations in humidity within your home can cause damage to the wood and cause the lacquers to crack.

    Avoid placing hot or wet objects directly on wood surfaces, as they can cause damage. Similarly, avoid using alcohol or detergents on metals. Instead, use thin cotton or extra soft cloths. If you have stained metals, it is recommended to have them cleaned by professionals. For polished metals, a damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning. Do not apply ointments or commercial waxes directly on the materials, as they may scratch or damage the finish.

    When cleaning metals, we recommend using products such as Brasso, Simichrome, or Flitz. These can be used without causing damage to our products, unless the surface has a wax coating. In that case, these polishes will remove the wax, isolating the metal.

    When cleaning glass and crystal, wipe them with a soft damp cloth or use a glass cleaner with no additives. Apply the glass cleaner to a soft cloth instead of directly onto the fixture to avoid overspray, which may damage other finishes.

    If any product is damaged or excessively worn, it is advisable to seek professional help.