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  • MDD Hako Meeting XL Acoustic Booth

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    It's a conference room that doesn’t require permanent walls - the Hako Meeting XL system is a spacious soundproof pod that allows us to quickly arrange small group meetings. Its features, including the ventilation system ensure comfortable meetings of up to 6 participants. It can become a conference room, a place dedicated to meeting guests and a place of effective team work. Glass walls introduce spaciousness, daylight and easy access to the remaining zones in the office. The modular construction easily blends into the office’s design, eliminated floor is wheelchair accessible and improves cable management. The soundproof booth will match the users’ needs and perform perfectly in various spaces.

    Product features HK03

    • Sound absorption level: 25,7 dB;
    • Acoustic parameters proven by an ISO 23351-1:2020 examination;
    • Layered construction of the walls, sound-absorbent upholstery;
    • Automatic lightning system with a wireless switch;
    • Quiet ventilation system with speed adjustment;
    • Airing function: ventilators work up to 5 minutes after leaving the booth;
    • Available with an integrated floor or without it;
    • Wheelchair accessible;
    • Optional seating arrangement: a table and 4 chairs;
    • Mediabox: 2x230V + 1xUSB + 1xUSB C, LED SLIM panel;
    • Electric systems available: EU, USA, Schuko, UK, CH;
    • Ideal for meetings of up to 6 people and quiet work;
    • Designed for common spaces in offices and coworkings, as well as public places

    Technical Data

    • Ceiling - upholstered, equipped with lighting and exhaust fans;
    • Upholstered wall - full, 75 mm thick, upholstered on both sides acoustic filling with sound isolation properties;
    • Columns - 75x75 mm, powder coated;
    • Shelf - 12 mm MDF, colour: black, can be mounted only to upholstered walls with 1000 mm width;
    • Aluminium strips - 5 mm thick;
    • Glass wall - toughened glass, 6 mm thick;
    • Glass door - toughened glass, 8 mm thick, equipped with hinges, handle with a lock and gaskets system improving the acoustic properties of the booth;
    • Floor - option with additional fee - melamine plate + acoustic covering (21mm thickness), colour: graphite;
    • Fans: in-take (near the floor) - can be turned on and off, with adjustable fan speed. The exact location can be found on the shop drawings; exhaust - integrated with the ceiling lamp;
    • Additional information: multi-layer walls structure ensure ideal acoustic isolation; the remarkable acoustic parameters have been confirmed through a research done by an acreddited laboratory in accordance with ISO 23351-1:2020 acquiring a certificate with the DS,A result of 25,7 dB; air function – fans work for additional 5 minutes after leaving the booth; maximum air-flow: 520 m3/h; volume 27,5 dB (A); LED SLIM panel, 60x60 cm, external power supply; 40W, 3200lm, 4000k, 220-240V AC, 120’, RA>80, PF>0.9, white, STANDARD LINE;
    • Dimensions: HK03: 2762 x 2725 mm, h. 2341 mm; HK05 2725 x 2225 mm, h. 2341 mm; HK06: 2225 x 4913 mm, h. 2341 mm; HK07: 2725 x 3838 mm, h. 2341 mm


    What are the acoustic properties?

    The wall fillings have the highest class of acoustics - A.

    Does the pod have certificate of acoustics?

    Yes the pod is made in Certificate Sonic Technology, which is also used in acoustic panels.

    Is the pod adjusted to people with disabilities?

    Yes, the construction of the pod allowed to remove the floor and reduce the level difference it normally creates. Thanks to this solution, the pod is adjusted to people in wheelchairs. The width of the door is approx. 940 mm.

    What elements does the Hako pod consist of?

    Hako pod consists of pre-assembled walls, ceiling, connecting profiles and doors.

    What elements does the wall in Hako pod consist of?

    The construction is based on a steel frame. Both glass and upholstered walls are situated in that frame. The upholstered wall is filled with A-class acoustic material.

    What are the ventilation parameters?

    Connected with lighting; 4 fans – 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans; volume 14 dB, efficiency 90 m3/h – each; air function – the fans continue to run for 5 more minutes after leaving the pod.

    What material is used for the metal structure?

    It is a powder coated aluminium.

    Is it possible to choose non-standard colours for the steel profiles?

    With an additional fee it is possible to choose any colour of the steel profiles.

    What is the purpose of openable C-sections?

    They are supposed to be opened during the assembly and they allow to run the power cords from the floor to the ceiling.

    Does the pod have a floor?

    No, the construction of the floor allowed to remove the floor and the level difference it creates. Thanks to that solution the pod is adjusted to meet the requirements of the people with disabilities. The lack of a separate floor allows to use the existing floor, what makes it is easier to integrate the pod with the interior.

    Where is the light switch?

    The light works on the motion detector, which switches the light and the fans on.

    How many people are required to assemble the pod?

    Two people are required to assemble the pod.

    How long does it take to assemble the pod?

    The assembly takes approx. 2 hours.

    What to prepare for the assembly of the booth?

    A ladder will be needed to assembly the booth.

    Does the room, where the pod is going to be assemble, have to be significantly higher?

    No, the walls are mounted from the side, there is no need to slide them from the top.

    Does the pod have to be assembled to the floor?

    No, this way the pod does not damaged the existing floor.

    Is an electrician required to plug in the pod?

    No, it is enough to plug the pod to the standard socket.

    Where is the electrical connection located?

    The electrical connection is located on the ceiling of the pod. The pod can be connected by running the power cord from the ceiling or by running the power cord from the floor or the wall, using the zip-closing grommet that is located in the bottom part of each upholstered wall. The grommet allows to run the power cord through the wall and to access the openable C-section.

    Is the pod adapted to the 110V voltage in the USA?

    Yes, it automatically adapts to that voltage.

    Can the already assembled pod be taken into pieces and reassembled in a different place?

    Yes, it is possible to assemble the pod repeatedly.

    How do we pack our Hako pods?

    Hako pods are packed in safe crates and individual elements are placed on wooden hangers. The panels are carefully secured with foil bags.

    Does the Hako pod come in one piece?

    No, it does not come in one piece, it consists of elements that can be easily moved to every room.

    What are the dimensions and weight of the crate?

    Dimensions of the crate: 2250× 1479× 870 mm. Weight: Hako - 1 crate– 360 kg, Hako Meeting - 2 crates- 503 kg, Hako Meeting XL - 3 crates- 855 kg. Based on configuration, Hako pods are sent in 1 (HK01, HK02, HK04), 2 (HK03, HK05) or 3 (HK06, HK07) crate(s).

    How We Give Back

    We believe in giving back; We are proud to give 1% of all orders directly to environmental not for profit groups whose focus is the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means every time you purchase from us, 1% goes directly to an environmental cause.