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  • Qeeboo Giraffe in Love M Outdoor

    Designed by Marcantonio, New Giraffe in Love M Outdoor is a giraffe of 2.65 meters high that holds a classic Marie-Thérèse style chandelier, totally waterproof and IP65 certificated. Bold and elegant she is naturally gonna be the centre of attention of any space she is placed in, both indoor and outdoor.


    Light Source: 12x E14x8W MAX 230V~50Hz (NOT INCLUDED)
    Dimensions (L - W - H): 172 x 79 x 265 cm
    Weight: 37 Kg

    Packaging 1 Box

    Dimensions (L - W - H): 268.70 x 149.10 x 70.40 cm
    Cubic meters: 2,82 m3
    Weight: 72.00 Kg
    Volumetric Weight: 564,09