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  • Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp

    Giraffe In Love Wall Lamp, designed by Marcantonio, is a giraffe neck that holds a classic Marie-Thérèse style chandelier, in a wall version that allows bringing irony and lightness in every living space. It comes equipped with a metal support to be hanged on your walls.


    Light Source: 12x E14x40W MAX 230V~50Hz
    Dimensions (L - W - H): 51 x 60 x 173 cm
    Weight: 25 Kg

    Box 1
    Dimensions (L - W - H): 175.70 x 102.20 x 53.60 cm
    Cubic meters: 0,96 m3
    Weight: 23.00 Kg
    Volumetric Weight: 192,49

    Box 2
    Dimensions (L - W - H): 60.00 x 60.00 x 57.50 cm
    Cubic meters: 0,21 m3
    Weight: 10.00 Kg
    Volumetric Weight: 41,40